Parish House - Adaptive Reuse of Historic Hall

Bar Harbor, Maine

This project required six apartments inside a historic two story split level building for Community Housing of Maine.  The project was funded with historic tax credits and as such, maintaining the historic fabric was paramount.  However, an eye to project budget was also required.  The topic of cost savings/best value was an always present topic during weekly project meetings, but not at the expense of historic integrity.

The interior of the building was gutted, but most perimeter wall finishes and some interior wall finishes (plaster and wood wainscot) were maintained during construction. Any removed wainscot, trim, and doors from walls no longer needed were salvaged and reused in the new structure where able to.  The building also required structural upgrades from basement to roof trusses.  All carpentry work was performed by our crews from structural repairs to cabinets, doors, and trim.

Multiple methods of insulation was used to accomplish better energy efficiency.  Dense pack cellulose was blown in from the exterior and then hidden by siding replacement in certain bands.  The rubble stone foundation and rim boards received closed cell spray foam.  The attic received blown in cellulose over suspended gypsum ceilings.

Architect:  CWS Architects