In the Woods

Northeast Harbor, Maine

What a tremendous transformation this old cottage went through in one season.  While there were obvious exterior renovations, what really convinced the owners to salvage this cottage was our ability to create an effective site drainage system.  The cottage had always elicited a lot of charm, but that charm was quickly neutralized by the feeling of being in a swamp.  With some extensive site drainage installed, the cottage became far more attractive.

The exterior renovations consisted of a new shingle roof, new EPDM at the balconies, new pre-dipped white cedar wall shingles and refinished trim.

Interior work consisted of patching the existing plaster, all new paint, new electrical service and wiring, and new floor in the kitchen.  The shining star of the interior renovation was the ability to restore the original wood floors, which look stunning.

Designer:  Meredith Randolph