GSA Tenney Hill Dormitory

Blue Hill, Maine

This was the second international student dormitory project we completed for George Stevens Academy.  They have a strong contingent of students they bring in from all over the world to attend their high school, so their need for housing continues to grow.

One of the most challenging aspects of this project was the schedule.  The Academy commits to bringing in their students far in advance to the start of the school year, so when we got underway in January there was no other option than to be complete by August for students to move in.

Originally it was a single-family house with an attached garage.  The footprint of the building remained the same, but there were dramatic changes to the interior and significant structural upgrades that needed to be done.

In all it can house 24 students and 2 dorm parents.  It has a central kitchen and dining area, traditional dorm style layout on the 2nd floor, and a recreation room with a ping pong table in the basement.

Architect:  Stanke/Kitagawa Architects